Est. 2023

  • Jeremy is a 3rd generation Filipino-American born and raised in Southern California. After getting obsessed with golf over the last several years, something severely lacking in the golf community became blatantly obvious. Where is the representation for Filipinos in the game of golf? Love for golf is growing rapidly in the Filipino community. But currently, nothing exists in the golf world that truly cements Filipinos in the golf world. Golfipino is the brand that will do just that.



  • Empower the Filipino Golfer, with much love for the game, through a golf lifestyle brand that Filipinos can resonate with.
  • Be a beacon of bayanihan in the game of Golf.

Magiging, Hinaharap


  • Build a new Golf brand that brings Filipino Culture, Tradition, and Values to its forefront to challenge the status quo of the traditionally elite sport of golf.
  • Golfipinos inspiring each other and inspiring new generations of golfipinos to play and enjoy the game of golf.

Puso ng Kultura


  • Community|Bayan
  • Friendship
  • Camaraderie
  • Generosity
  • Hospitality

Are the core pillars of ApatGolfipino. This brand will strive to embody what's important in Filipino Culture, and strive to stay true to the spirit of the game.

Golfipinos Worldwide

It's so great to be Filipino. The history, culture, values, food, everything. Golf is also great. It requires confidence, consistency, and teaches patience and control. Interweaving these two things, Golfipino will create something new for Filipinos and golfers alike.