A Filipino Obsessed with Golf

  • Jeremy is a proud 3rd generation Filipino-American born and raised in Southern California. After getting obsessed with golf in March '23, he started to record his golf journey to chronicle his improvements. He wanted others to follow along, so he began posting videos under the name JeremyWoodsGolf. He stuck with the name for a while, but wanted to come up with something better. Then one day it dawned on him:
  • "I’m Filipino who happens to love Golf – I should just name myself Golfipino."

"Hmm...Golfipino can be more than just my own name..."

And then, the flow of ideas rushed in:

  • Why don’t I try to create a Filipino golf brand? 
  • Why not try to have more Filipino representation in the golf world?
  • Why not bring core values of being Filipino to the game of golf?
  • Why not combine my love of golf with the pride I take in being Filipino? 
  • Why not try to interweave my Filipino heritage with golf culture?

"Taking my heritage and merging it with my golf obsession only felt right. Creating the chance to represent for my culture in a sport that I love, would be a great service not only to myself, but also to the culture and community I grew up in and care about."

Pagiging, Hinaharap


  • Build a new Golf brand that brings Filipino Culture, Tradition, and Values to its forefront.
  • A connected community of Filipinos enjoying the game of golf together, while indulging in a newfound connection to their culture and heritage shared by the Golfipino brand.



  • Empower the Filipino Golfer, through a brand that Filipinos can resonate with.
  • Exemplify the best aspects of the culture through golf to enlighten and inspire this generation, and future generations of golfers.

Puso ng Kultura


Bayanihan | The Spirit of Communal Unity

  • root: Bayan (nation, town, community)

The spirit of bayanihan depicts hospitality, camaraderie, and cooperation. In the olden days, When a family wanted to relocate, all the neighbors in the community would come together to quite literally pick up, and move the entire house to a new location. Together, a community united to achieve a common goal. Although this tradition is long gone, the concept of bayanihan remains the same.

Bayanihan will be exemplified through Golfipino by building a community of Filipino golfers to uplift one another for one common goal: To be the best golfer they can be!

Kagalingan | The Pursuit of Excellence

  • root: Galing (skilled or excellent) or an even deeper definition (magic)

The spirit of Kagalingan reflects the desire to be the best version of yourself. To be the best version of yourself is a never ending pursuit. Allowing one to continuously achieve goals and obtain the best outcomes in any endeavor. Kagalingan is a very important quality for people to have, especially in the game of golf. Patience, confidence, control, consistency, and lots of practice are all necessary qualities of an excellent golfer. The pursuit to master these qualities will only insure one's road to success. 

We not only want to pursue excellence in golf, the pursuit to always represent for Filipino culture is important to us. Filipino culture is so deep, and rich in heritage, it's our honor to share it. Striving to always represent for the culture in the highest regard is at our hearts core. 

Pagkamalikhain | Creativity

  • root: Likha (creating)
  • Malikhain (creative)

We want to be malikhain in our efforts to represent for golf and the culture. Filipino representation in the golf world is fairly new, but we still want to be innovative in the ways we put on for the culture. Filipino history is vast, and there is so much to be learned from it. We feel there is a unique opportunity to share this history through a sport where there's not much representation yet. To enlighten old golfers, and try to attract new ones by sharing the culture is our goal.

Matatag | Steady, Firm, Unyielding

  • root: Tatag (solid, stable, foundation)
  • Pagiging Matatag (being steady, firm, unyielding)

Pagiging matatag embodies a meaningful and synergistic way to approach life, and the game of golf.

Having a steady golf base relies on concentration to stabilize the body, and is responsible for many things in a golf swing. Power in a golf shot, and consistent contact are among the benefits of having a steady base.

To be firm reminds you to be confident in your decisions. Being confident Is essential in golf, as it strengthens your connection to your capabilities as a golfer, and in turn, allows you to better exert your will on a golf course.

To be matatag, is to also be unyielding. Golf is a difficult sport. One day you swing great, hit pure, straight shots and feel like your on top of the world. Then the next, it can feel as if you've never even picked up a club before in your life. But despite these frustrations, we come back for more, always determined to get better. This is the embodiment of being matatag.

  • “Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” -Arnold Palmer

Makatao | For the People

  • root: Tao (relating to people; humans)
  • Pagiging Makatao (Being for the people)

If not for the people, who would there be to pass heritage and tradition down? If not for the love people have for their culture, why would anyone share it?

Without the people to carry tradition, culture gets lost and ceases to exist. We want to carry help carry tradition on, in our own unique way. Pagiging Makatao is what this brand is for. A brand for a community we care about, and for a culture we care about. This brand is not one person. Its for everyone, and we want it to represent anyone.We want people to see themselves as a Golfipino. The ultimate goal is to spread what we care about through the beautiful game of golf. Through Golfipino, people too can be makatao, and do their part to carry tradition on as well.

Golfipinos Worldwide

I am proud to be Filipino. Growing up, I learned about how great our culture was through my parents and family. I learned the value of hardwork, selflessness, hospitality, and family. Seeing these same qualities in not just my family, but other Filipinos as well, inspired me, (and still inspires me). Going to Filipino parties and seeing the abundance of laughter, joy, and food, made me proud. Going to Pacquiao parties, and seeing a whole nation come together to celebrate one person, made me feel a connection to something I've never before experienced.

I also love golf. Golf has taught me a lot about myself. It requires confidence, consistency, and teaches patience and control. Things that I think are important within my own life.

Interweaving these two things, I hope to create something new for Filipinos and Golfers alike.