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“The First” Cap

“The First” Cap

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The very first product release for the Golfipino brand. Embroidered on the front of the cap is the original “Golfipino” logo. A logo that combines Filipino Pride, and the love of the game of golf. The sun rays, inspired by the Filipino sun, emanate from a golf ball emblazoned with the “G” logo, inspired by Filipino baybayin.

 Embroidered on the back of the cap reads the word “Matatag,” written in baybayin. It translates to: ‘tough, strong, and steady.” These words embody a meaningful and synergistic way to approach life, and the game of golf. Tough mind to withstand adversity on the course, strong body to confidently take any shot, and to be steady: Steady in being calm and still, and a passion to always steadily improve. 

- Unlock Your Golfing Potential With Filipino Precision And Skill

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